Purchase a FEELINGS candle to support AYP. Burn those feelings away. 

Currently I am involved with Girlvana Yoga, based out Vancouver. The mission of Girlvana Yoga is to grow consciousness in teen girls, using yoga as a platform. I also teach at Distrikt Movement, owned by my friend and mentor Jian Pablico. Jian participated in AYP last year, and after hearing about his experience, and seeing the documentary Here to Be, I knew that I wanted to get involved and support Africa Yoga Project. 

I got the chance to meet Millie and Patrick on there visit to Vancouver this year, and heard them speak about the impact that yoga has had on their communities. Fundraising and supporting Africa Yoga Project will provide the community with more resources to continue to offer yoga. Yoga for them is more than the physical poses, it creates jobs, sparks healthy conversations, and creates a community and safe space for people to show up and be themselves. I believe yoga can elevate the consciousness in us all, and in doing so spark small but long term changes in our overall wellbeing. 

By travelling to Africa I am hoping to be inspired by the community and the people I meet. My goal is to fundraise $4000, all of the money going directly to AYP in their efforts to provide unemployed youth the opportunity to earn a self-sustaining income while building healthy communities.