Living Room Yoga

Having just moved to a new city (what up, Toronto), and after months of travel, I found I wasn’t able to get to a studio as often as I liked, which meant practicing in my (or an Airbnb) living room, a lot. I figure you may find yourself in the same boat, and want to join me in practicing at home, in your sweats.  An accessible restorative practice, using props that you already have in your home, paired with a fresh playlist.


et voila, the third edition of living room restorative yoga: 

This weeks 45-minute practice includes low lunges, forward folds, and finished with a shoulder stand. Easy to do in any space, minimal props needed.

Previous Classes:


class two, [july 8, 2018] 

Focuses on hip openers and, as always, slowing down.

Accompanying playlist: Step Back Feels


Class One, [July 2, 2018]

Our first living room yoga class. A sweet, restorative sequence. 

Accompanying playlist: New Plan Feels