Join Ashley Brodeur, founder of Feelosophy, for a two hour workshop to reconnect with your body and receive safe and supportive touch in mellow restorative poses. This workshop will explore intentional, slow, restorative poses and involve hands-on touch and massage throughout to empower people to feel safe in their bodies and in receiving touch.

Feelosophy was founded by Canadian native Ashley Brodeur in her adopted hometown of Vancouver. A yoga teacher for just under ten years, Ash is an adamant advocate for safe + supportive touch.

“We live in a world which is growing out of touch - technology keeps us connected in the online world, but out here in the real world, we are losing touch with ourselves and that tactile connection with others.”

Feelosophy is here to regain your trust, to help you find space within and to spark conversations around inclusivity and accessibility, all set to a sweet soundtrack that helps you feel right at home.

Date: Sunday, June 16th

Time: 3:00PM - 5:00PM

Cost: £35.00

Members Cost: £31.50