Feelosophy Retreat


NOVEMBER 16-18, 2018: bowen island, bc

We can't wait to have you all join us for a weekend of unplugging, unwinding, and enjoying #allthefeels. Here's everything you will need to know beforehand; details about getting to and from Bowen, what to pack and additional massage bookings.




Final Payment is due by November 12th. Once you select 'add to cart' head to the cart in the header to complete the purchase and fill in the form regarding allergies and any other info we may need to know in order to make your weekend just right. 

Feelosophy Retreat: Final Payment

This payment is your remaining 70% balance for the retreat. If you have any questions please email hello@thefeelosophy.com.

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You will need to fill out two waivers, one for us and one for Nectar Bnb.

Please send the Feelosophy waiver back to hello@thefeelosophy.com




Check in on Friday is at 3:00 pm, however you are more than welcome to come to the island earlier and explore, grab lunch, walk around if you would like. 

  • A schedule of the BC Ferries can be found here

  • We recommend that you take the 12:35pm or 2:20pm ferry leaving from Horseshoe Bay

  • You can choose to drive on or walk on. Please note that they do not take reservations so give your self plenty of time and arrive early

  • The email you received with the link to this site has all the other participants cc'd in, so if some people are driving perhaps you want to carpool up. Sharing is caring!

  • Cabs aren't really a thing on the island so we suggest carpooling or driving on, for the easiest way to get to Nectar BnB

Check out is at roughly 1:00pm on Sunday. We suggest taking the 2:55pm ferry (or later) this way you can explore more of Bowen, grab lunch at one of there cute cafes, or check out the best chocolate around at Cocoa West. 





Nectar has an in house massage therapist who is available for bookings throughout the weekend, those those interested in a bit of extra love. These are scheduled during free time or pre and post dinner. If you would like to arrange a massage, please email us at hello@thefeelosophy.com with what time slot you would like to book. Please note this is an additional cost and not included in the price of the retreat. They will be booked on a first come, first serve.  

Available massage times

Friday: 3-4pm, 4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm 

Saturday: 8-9am, 1-2pm, 2:30-3:30pm

Sunday: 8-9am



Please find a packing list attached here  it includes a list of what to bring and what you can leave behind. 



  • This weekend is for you to unwind, disconnect and reconnect, there will be down time scheduled in so feel free to bring a book or journal

  • Bowen island is small, there aren't many cabs, but you can walk to the main town quite easily. However we suggest bringing everything you need with you to avoid having to venture out of the cozy little oasis we have

We are here for you, so if you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us.


All the feels and love