Move and feel; an hour of slow-moving yoga with all the hands-on touch you crave. We will work into a slower pace; breath work & restorative poses, with massage based adjustments throughout. Each class uses music set to an intention, offering you space and permission to slow down and feel

Price: $25 drop in or buy a Toronto Feels 3 class pass for $63

Sign up by clicking on the class you want to join in the calendar above. Register in advance to reserve your space; we keep the classes intimate to ensure you get all the feels.




Feeling Yourself with Luna

Join us for a Feelosophy Yoga & Massage meets self touch workshop. We are partnering with the brilliant Luna Matatas, a pleasure educator with over 10 years of experience in health and sexuality education. 

As a self-identified pleasure pusher, Luna facilitates accessible, judgement-free and safe spaces for people to be curious about their fantasies, sex lives and bodies. Her workshops are refreshingly funny, warm and inviting.

We'll start with a Feelosophy class taught by Ash Brodeur, to get you in your body and connected, then shift the evening to a self-touch workshop; a 101 on the art of pleasure. This will be a safe environment for anyone wanting to explore the topic, learn more about themselves and break down the stigma. A space created to have these important (and lacking) conversations around what it means to truly connect with yourself, in all ways. We will cover what self-touch offers us, how we're disconnected from self-pleasure, and barriers to pleasure. Luna will educate us on the pleasure potential of sensuality, touch and breath, and how to identify and discover erogenous zones and pleasure conditions. 

Price: $40 Location: MISFISTSTUDIO Queen Street

Time: Sunday September 30th 4-6pm

In the Name of Gratitude - Slow Down

This Thanksgiving weekend, come to spend time embodying gratitude by practicing the importance of being selfish for your inner, outer and higher self.

Feelopsophy Yoga and Kunye.co are collaborating to bring you a thoughtful experience around slowing down with a yoga and massage class by Ashley Brodeur from Feelosophy Yoga accompanied with live music and conversation. Kunye.co will be integrating a Slow Down practice that incorporates skin rituals and a creative life practice.

Your ticket includes:

- yoga & massage by Feelosophy

- Kunye skin and body products

- a Slow Down practice

- Custom intuitive artwork by Adri

Price: $60-$80 or sliding scale Location: QUIET COMPANY King Street

Time: Saturday October 6th 1-3:30pm