what and why we do

We offer small, intimate, restorative yoga classes and mix in safe, supportive hands-on touch to help you become more connected with your body and to create a space for communities to gather and talk about touch.

hosting classes in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg and New York.

Our Feelosophy 〰️ The moment you allow yourself to show up in your body, you are able to rewrite your relationship to it and rewrite how you show up and react in the world: you can slow down, connect to those feelings and through touch, find deepness and peace and stillness and comfort and maybe discomfort but a longing to push through it and emerge on the other side.
Feelosophy Yoga

Founder, Ashley left home for university at the age of 17 and has spent the last 8 years bouncing between cities, airplanes, backpacks and suitcases. Despite her love of personal independence, she found that living away from family while navigating through life can sometimes get lonely. At times it seemed like her only experience of physical touch came from business meeting handshakes #nofun.

While teaching yoga, Ashley would often offer extra hands on adjustments such as a small low back press in child's pose, a shoulder rub in pigeon, or a nice face massage in savasana. In doing so, she found that she was not alone: many people living away from family, as well as those that were single or living alone, felt that same lack of human touch. We want to touch you, in a non-creepy way.



Yoga is a place to find comfort, love, and belonging, on both your yoga mat and in your community. Feelosophy steps outside the traditional lines of the yoga experience. We want to touch you; give you that extra assistance in a hip opener or a comforting touch in child's pose, to remind you that you are okay, and you are not alone (or to remind you that your partner may not be the best at back rubs, but that's okay because you found us!). 

Feelosophy Yoga aims to offer you an opportunity to connect with the present moment through your body and breath, and by extension, to those around you. Our caring and communicative approach ensures a safe and comfortable experience, with the end goal being a renewed connection with yourself and your community.



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