Feelosophy joins together restorative yoga, massage, and good tunes to create a memorable experience that will leave you feeling loved - both inside and out. 


We offer small, intimate, restorative yoga classes led by a qualified yoga instructor. We then combine that with massage based adjustments offered by a skilled and intuitive bodyworker. Together they will both adjust and massage throughout the practice. Learn more about our current classes here. 


Feelosophy is the passion project of Vancouver yoga teacher Ashley Brodeur (@ashernoelle). She loves offering hands on adjustments during her classes and when people kept asking for more she knew she had to explore the art of touch and yoga further.


We offer our classes throughout Vancouver and North Vancouver. Locations will vary based on classes, to make it accessible for all people who are wanting a little more #feels in their life. If you are interested in having a class at your studio or space, let us know.  


Interested in taking a class? Choose from one of the options below. 

Yoga & Feels @TURF

60 minute restorative yoga class with massage based adjustments delivered by 1 yoga instructor and 1 hands on practitioner

Maximum 20 people per class to ensure each person gets the most attention and adjustment time

Expect to be adjusted every other to every third pose. Savasana massages guaranteed. 

Sunday post brunch 12:30-1:30 *registration is done via Turf

Location: Turf in Kitsilano 

Stay up to date instagram to see our upcoming collaborations with local studios @feelosophyyoga


Once a month we are teaming up with local artists to bring you the most feels possible. 75 minutes of yoga + massage bliss, accompanied by live music. The last Thursday of every month at Distrikt Movement. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us @feelosophyyoga to be the first to sign up!

Corporate Feels

We come to you, before work, during lunch hour or after work. Classes can be tailored to fit the needs of your office, ranging from 45 minutes to 90 minute sessions. We bring everything you need - yoga mats, bolsters, blankets, we just require open space. 

Great for a team reward, or to offer continually each week.

Email hello@thefeelosophy.com to learn more!

Anita massage.jpg

#allthefeels Yoga + Massage Retreat

Join Feelosophy for the first yoga + massage retreat, at Nectar Yoga B&B. Bliss out with us for 2 nights at this incredible oasis, tucked away on Bowen Island, a quick ferry from Horseshoe bay. 


Friday February 2, 2018 - Sunday February 4, 2018



Have more questions? Contact us at hello@thefeelosophy.com

Founder, Ashley left home for university at the age of 17 and has spent the last 8 years bouncing between cities, airplanes, backpacks and suitcases. Despite her love of personal independence, she found that living away from family while navigating through life can sometimes get lonely. To top it off, Vancouver has been known for being cold, and we're not talking about the weather. At times it seemed like her only experience of physical touch came from business meeting handshakes #nofun.

While teaching yoga, Ashley would often offer extra hands on adjustments such as a small low back press in child's pose, a shoulder rub in pigeon, or a nice face massage in savasana. In doing so, she found that she was not alone: many people living away from family, as well as those that were single or living alone, felt that same lack of human touch. 

"We want to touch you, in a non-creepy way!"

Yoga is a place to find comfort, love, and belonging, on both your yoga mat and in your community. Feelosophy steps outside the traditional lines of the yoga experience in Vancouver. We want to touch you - give you that extra assistance in a hip opener or a comforting touch in child's pose - to remind you that you are okay, and you are not alone (or to remind you that your partner may not be the best at back rubs, but that's okay because you found us!). 

Feelosophy Yoga aims to offer you an opportunity to connect with the present moment through your body and breath, and by extension, to those around you. Our caring and communicative approach ensures a safe and comfortable experience, with the end goal being a renewed connection with yourself and your community.



ashley brodeur

Ashley Brodeur - @ashernoelle - Founder - Yoga Teacher

Ashley brings 6 years of teaching experience, with her down to earth love for movement, connection and hands on adjustments, she will leave you feeling more chill than Netflix ever could.

She is a try anything once, drink wine on a Wednesday, hike mountains on a Sunday type of girl. She practices and teaches yoga in the hopes that what is uncovered on the mat can be carried into our ever evolving full lives. She is honest, real, vulnerable and sassy, who isn't afraid to share what she has to offer with the world in hopes that it will spark others to do the same.

We hold classes throughout Vancouver & North Vancouver. Check out what we offer to see where the next class will be. If you are interested in having a feelosophy class at your studio or space please email hello@thefeelosophy.com